May 2024: Another new leaflet: building on previous topics, we outline the importance of having confidence in dynamic measurements: 'evidence not just numbers'

April 2024: Two new leaflets: one on the topic of accuracy and precision, the other on the topic of speed and its influence on gait parameters

These leaflets are part of a new 'mini-series' of information material with practical relevance for conducting equine gait analysis and to provide some insights into the benefits of using our EquiGait systems.  

April 2024: New publication on gait symmetry in relation to predominant direction of training and racing in Thoroughbreds:

Based on research funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Equine Welfare research foundation with EquiGait gait analysis systems (both our wireless and our modular solution) quantitative evidence is presented that in association with the predominant direction of exercise, horses show head and pelvic movement symmetry differences.   

This new scientific publication is the latest in a string of peer-reviewed publications with our EquiGait products and is another important step towards investigating how training regimens -- in this specific case the fact that horses are exclusively undertaking high speed work in one direction (clockwise vs anti-clockwise) -- influence specific aspects of movement, i.e. here the commonly used 'straight-line trotup', an essential part of every veterinary lameness examination. Put your trust in our tools and invest in a system that is advancing science yet is equally fit for purpose for aiding everyday decision-making of veterinarians as well as for allied veterinary professionals. We provide quantitative evidence that matters and goes beyond quantifying what can be seen 'by eye': advanced biomechanical parameters at your finger tips! 

April 2024: Comparison leaflet with comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of IMU based gait analysis as we at Equigait see them:

Why should you utilize EquiGait gait analysis systems in your business?

Go beyond head nod and hip hike! Measure functional movement patterns relevant for health and performance! 

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February 1st 2024: Announcing participation in two exciting events

This year, EquiGait will be present at two exciting continuing professional development events, one in May and one in November. 

BEVA "objective lameness course", May 23rd 2024, Slimbridge, UK

Thilo Pfau will be joining other experts in the field of objective gait analysis at Slimbridge Wetland Centre (GL7 7BT) and B&W Equine Hospital for a morning of lectures followed by an afternoon of practical demonstrations. Kevin Keegan will present about the Equinosis system, Maarten Oosterlinck from Belgium will lecture about pros, cons and pitfalls, and Giorgio Ricardi will speak about blocks and treatment. In the afternoon, Nadine Ogden from B&W Equine will work with us on cases, giving everybody the opportunity to work with different lameness systems.

Link to BEVA course here

EGAS meeting, November 15th 2024, Utrecht, NL

The Equine Gait Analysis Society (EGAS) is a relatively new group with the aim of providing Veterinarians with the necessary skills and knowledge for handling objective gait analysis data in the context of clinical lameness examinations. I will be joining the 2024 'annual event' in Utrecht with a presentation about our progress in assessing back movement as well as for a 'wetlab' on the use of EquiGait gait analysis tools.

More information about EGAS here

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