Sensor based gait analysis

EQUIGAIT Ltd is a UK based company providing custom gait analysis solutions for horses. Check out our News section for some leaflets (last update: April 2024) on practical aspects of gait analysis such as 'accuracy vs precision' or 'the influence of speed' and see how EquiGait systems meet these challenges.  

Our systems:

  1. are validated for accuracy and precision
  2. readily provide measures of gait asymmetry/lameness robust towards speed changes.  
  3. go beyond 'head nod' and 'hip hike': compensatory patterns and back movement. 
  4. are easy to use for veterinarians and allied veterinary professionals.

We offer two solutions implementing the common approach of quantifying upper body movement with state-of-the-art inertial sensor technology:

1. complete solutions: we provide a complete package including all necessary components (hardware, software pre-installed on a laptop computer, conveniently packaged in a small backpack. These systems feature between 3 and 9 sensors, all offer movement symmetry analysis, the advanced options also offer quantification of back movement. 

Quantitative gait analysis results within seconds of the horse's exercise. 

2. modular approach: sensor hardware is now available directly from our trusted partner (Movella). The sensors are controlled from your Android or iOS device. We install our EQDOT software on your laptop (Windows 64bit).

The advantage: a system providing comprehensive symmetry (and optionally entry-level back movement) analysis at the fraction of the cost of our complete solutions.

The drawback? Minutes, not seconds for the comprehensive quantitative analysis.


April 2024

Some thoughts on accuracy and precision of gait analysis in horses and specifically with relevance to our EquiGait systems. Download a document here that outlines our thoughts and provides you with some pointers to the relevant scientific studies that have been conducted and published.
See how our EquiGait products compare to others!  

January 2023

EQDOT system: our modular EQDOT systems (we provide the software and install it for you on a computer of yours and you use your iOS or Andorid phone for data procurement) can be installed as 4- or 5-sensor systems!

4-sensors: in addtion to head, withers and midline of the pelvis for forelimb, hind limb and multilimb lameness, this system includes a sensor in the lumbar area providing 6 degree of freedom information about flexion-extension, lateral bending and axial rotation as well as up-down, sideways and forward-backward movement. This provides unique insights into how back movement changes in response to different exercises and over longer time periods for example in response to adaptations of training regimens.

5-sensors: identical to the 4-sensor system this system uses head, withers and midline of the pelvis for quantifying forelimb, hind limb and multilimb lameness. Instead of lumbar movement, we are employing sensors on the left and right hip to provide an additional measure of hind limb assymmetry, particularly useful for circular exercise (on the lunge or ridden)   

June 2021

EQUIGAIT is offering a new 6-sensor setup combining the powerful 5-sensor asymmetry analysis for lameness examinations with a novel display of lumbo-sacral ranges of motion in six dimensions. Aligned with this development, the 3-sensor EQDOT system is being upgraded to a 4-sensor setup adding lumbo-sacral ranges of motion to the 3-sensor asymmetry output

These systems:

  1. are ideal for complex lameness assessments.
  2. provide an intuitive illustration (spider plot) of cranio-caudal, latero-lateral and vertical movement differences between the lumbar area and the sacrum.
  3. can be used in-hand, on the lunge and very easily also in the ridden horse: the lumbar sensor can be fitted easily behind a variety of saddles independent of Equestrian discipline.