About Us


Off-the-shelf and customization

At EQUIGAIT we are proud to offer advanced inertial sensor based systems which are proven in terms of accuracy and precision and all the while are easy to use. We offer a range of off-the-shelf system but can also customize systems in terms of number of sensors for specific applications. Please do contact us about your specific needs.

Lameness, poor performance and monitoring of gait

We are a small UK based company providing equine gait analysis systems for customers world wide. Use of the systems is geared towards use by Veterinarians for lameness and poor performance examinations but by no means limited to Veterinarians. Our systems can equally well be used for monitoring of gait asymmetry as a function of training or exercise regimens in horses competing in all equestrian disciplines.

Proven technology at affordable prices

The sensors used in our systems have been used in many research projects and the flexibility of our system setup is one of the strengths of our systems.

Our entry level system QDOT consists of a flexible solution with sensors communicating with an iOS or Android phone (phone not provided), followed by data download + analysis onto a tablet computer (e.g. Surface Go2 or any Windows (64bit) computer of your choice) where our software will readily create PDF outputs.

Complete hardware and software packages are available for our state-of-the-art systems. 

Please do contact us with any queries you may have: