Low cost solution

EQDOT: Low cost, high quality equine gait analysis


Multi-sensor technology with small and light-weight sensors communicating with your iOS or Android device and convenient data analysis on a Windows-based tablet!


A unique sensor platform:  

The Xsens DOT sensors provide an ideal platform for equine gait analysis. Their ease-of-use -- controlled from an iOS or Android device -- paired with proven Xsens sensor-fusion algorithms for accurate and precise orientation and 3D acceleration output enable fast and easy data collectionn: 1) attach sensors to horse, 2) start logging of data via bluetooh and record the horse's movement, 3) download and analyse on Windows tablet.  

Simple an powerful:

The 3-sensor setup (head, withers, midline of hind quarters) is beautifully simple in its setup -- attach 3 sensors to the upper body of a horse, no need to instrument limbs -- yet powerful in its output: head and pelvic movement asymmetry quantify movement deficits relating to a reduction in weight bearing or pushoff between the front- and hind limbs, withers movement aids decision making about the primary source of the asymmetries to the front- or hind limbs.

Compare assessments before/after interventions such as diagnostic analgesia or over the course of a treatment or rehabiliation regimen.

Back movement too! 

The 4-sensor setup (3-sensor setup plus sensor in caudal thoracic or lumbar area) adds unequalled biomechanical knowledge to your decision making: 6 dimensional range of movement of one of the functionally most important anatomical areas, the thoraco-lumbo-sacral area. This is particularly useful for those horses with a suspected back problem or for mild hind limb lameness cases.   


Flexible pricing: 

Please contact us for a quote!

We can offer complete* packages: a minimum of three Xsens DOT sensors, a tablet PC (e.g. Surface Go2), a USB hub for speedy data download and our EQDOT Windows software for data analysis at the push of a button. (*you will need to provide a iOS or Android phone for controlling the sensors). Prices starting at approximately UK £ 2,500 (ex VAT)

We also offer flexible solutions: you provide the hardware (Xsens DOT sensors from Xsens web shop, a iOS/Android phone, a computer and optionally a USB hub and we install our software on your computer.


For more information please email: info@equigait.co.uk

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