SmartPhone System

Equine Gait Analysis in Your Pocket

Do you own an iPhone (version 5 or newer) ? Then you already own a gait analysis device!


Learn more about our iPhone based gait analysis approach

  • download SensorLog app
  • configure SensorLog for Equine Gait Analysis
  • attach phone to horse
  • log data
  • analyse data on your laptop with our EquiGait software


Download SensorLog App

Visit App Store on you iPhone and download SensorLog software. Find more info about SensorLog at and


Configure SensorLog for Equine Gait Analysis

Shown here are the standard settings required for data logging with the SensorLog software to create data compatible with our EquiGait data analysis software.

  • select log data to: file
  • recording rate: 50 Hz
  • select: CL, ACC, HEAD, GYRO, ACT and DM
  • optionally: IP, OR, STATE and PED

Attach phone to horse

  • over the pelvic area
  • attachment can be easily achieved with our custom pads and double sided tape. Please contact us at for our custom pads

Log data to phone

  • press start/stop button to start logging
  • exercise horse:
  • trot
  • straight line
  • lungeing
  • ridden trot
  • stop data logging by pressing start/stop button


Transfer data to computer

  • use SensorLog email function for wireless transfer
  • use iMazing software for cabled data transfer


Analyze data with our EquiGaitmobile software

  • creates visual and numeric output for pelvic movement symmetry in pdf form
  • compatible output with our multi-sensor systems
  • data processing on windows computer for maximum control over data analysis and hence maximum accuracy and precision
  • output data automatically stored after analysis: record keeping made easy


sample output for LH lame horse:

top left:

  • target plot illustrating movement asymmetry
  • more symmetrical -> more central
  • 4 quadrants distinguish between weight bearing and pushoff lameness

top right:

  • vertical movement over stride cycle
  • reduced vertical movement during after LH stance compared to RH stance

bottom left:

  • numerical output for comparison to published data or previously recorded data of same horse

bottom right:

  • general info about exercise and reference pointer to location of data storage for easy retrieval of data

Please contact us for more information about EquiGaitmobile

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