Sensor systems

State-of-the Art Technology Meets Ease of Use

Wireless, multi-sensor technology allows to assess your horse (and you) in any gait, at any speed, in hand, on the lunge or ridden - whatever suits your horse best!

Our systems offer the freedom to choose from the following alternatives:


Common features

  • upper body mounted sensors! No sensors on limbs hence no interference with limb manipulations.
  • high accuracy sensors calculating true vertical movement.
  • wireless connectivity between each sensor and the laptop computer (or logging on board SmartPhone device).
  • analysis within seconds of recorded exercise.


Gait and Symmetry

Horses - like humans- move naturally asymmetrically. It is important to know your horse's baseline asymmetry to be able to differentiate its normal movement pattern from abnormal movements for example due to lameness.

  • These systems typically consist of 1 to 5 sensors.
  • The simplest system consists only of a SmartPhone (securely attached to the horse) and a windows based computer software for accurate data analysis.
  • The most comprehensive system uses 5 sensors (poll, withers, left + right tuber coxae and tuber sacrale). This system uniquely for sensor based gait analysis allows assessment of primary versus compensatory gait asymmetry.


Back Movement

A healthy back is essential for a pleasurable riding experience. Our back assessment allows you to monitor your horse's back movement, e.g. in response to new tack or to optimise a new training regime.

  • This system typically comprises 8 sensors.

Horse Rider Interaction

Horse and rider influence each other in their movement pattern. Our horse-rider assessment quantifies the interaction between you and your horse and helps you to work as a unit.

  • This system willcomprise 5-6 sensors (4-5 on the horse, one on the rider).


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